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GATES – Zwischen?Raum

4 Musical Theater Pieces About Social Permeability

A progetto semiserio production
in cooperation with Ensemble PHACE
as well as media opera,
in coproduction with World Music Days 2013
of IGNM as part of Wien Modern

progetto semiserio gates


Tamara Friebel, Jörg Ulrich Krah, Jorge Sanchez-Chiong, Oliver Weber

Nurkan Erpulat, Thomas Jelinek, Susanne Wolf

Peter Pawlik

Musical Director:
Simeon Pironkoff / phace

Set Designer and Costume Designer:
Daniela Kerck

Dramatic Advisor:
Georg Steker

Light Designer:
Thomas Jelinek

Ensemble phace | contemporary music

Premiere: November 14, 2013
Further performances: November 15, 16, 17. 2013

hosted by wien modern

Topic 2013: GATES

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Four authors and four composers are invited to write statements about social permeability in our “coexistence society.”

All leading teams are free to arrange their work according to cultural coexistence or via other fields of “communication-made-impossible.” This could be the unbridgeable gap between those in our society who get richer and those who get poorer as much as it could be the almost impenetrable wall of understanding between the generations.

The danger of a forced search for small gaps in the invisible wall that runs through a city, a society, a culture, and covers streets and squares, does not exist. There is nothing where there is nothing! But you can always look through a gap where there is something! And what do you see then? Well, you will get the answer from these four extraordinary works.

The four contemporary musical theater pieces are performed consecutively in one evening. They therefore represent a broad and diverse view of the moments and locations of permeability in our current society. Director Peter Pawlik helms all four pieces and, together with dramatic advisor Georg Steker, will provide the aesthetic coherence that connects the four pieces to one single theater event.